U can take any T'shirt.... I have taken my daughter's winter Tee, which has already become a size too small, but she won't let me give it away as its her favourite...

Open up all the seams.... You can cut it with scissors or open all the seams with seam cutter.... But make sure T'shirt doesn't get pulled n spoils the print on top.....

Take a canvas according to the size of T'shirt.... I had taken 8" x 10" canvas

After placing the T'shirt I turned it around n stapled it with big stapler meant for canvases....

Pull the corners like this, and staple on both the sides for good finish....

Cut the extra fabric and glue the rest with fevicol.

Glue the sides where you can't staple, because staples does not looks nice on sides....

Paint the same acrylic color on the sides where T'shirt has run short....

Back after all the stapling and gluing to secure the T'shirt fabric properly....

And your upcycled T'shirt canvas is ready to adorn ur little ones room's wall....


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