Keep the bottle in the warm & soap water... leave it overnight to clean the label on it.

Cleaned bottle, Gesso, MOd podge, Acrylic colour.

Apply 2 coats of gesso ... dry one layer and then apply another.

Leave it to dry for minimum 6-7 hours... or use a blow dyer.

Paint the bottle with the desired colour ... i have painted 2 coats ..u can play with he colours as u want.

I am using mauve and brown shades .... and an old tooth brush to spray the paint on the bottle.

Spray the paint using an old tooth brush.

leave to dry again.

This is again a 3 ply decoupage able tissue paper... remove the 2 layers to decoupage .

Apply a coat of mod podge.

stick the paper ... very carefully.

Press softly wih ur hands.

I dont want the design to overlap ... so i am cutting the extras .

putting another layer of mod podge and again leave it to dry.

You can decorate the bottle neck in lot of ways ... I will decorate and post it soon it looks finally ... till then enjoy decoupaging smile emoticon


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